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The concept behind GREEN FLAG TRAIL accreditation is that trail owners acknowledge that they should be environmentally responsible and that their trail needs to be safe and ensure user satisfaction. Accreditation is an honest attempt by trail owners to ensure that the hikers will have a “value for money” experience by providing them with accurate information of the product (hike) so that they can make an informed choice which will satisfy their expectations, whilst ensuring minimal environmental degradation on the trail. more info...

Level of Fitness

A great deal of the charm of this untamed coastline lies in its rugged and wild nature, and hiking it is therefore not a mere "stroll in the park". It is however achievable by people of all ages who have maintained a good level of fitness and agility, and an active lifestyle. Many walkers who may be discouraged by the need to carry a heavy pack are now able to take the challenge and enjoy what is a strenuous but attainable hike through some of South Africa"s most beautiful scenery.

Age Limit

Due to the nature of the trail we regret that we do not accept bookings for children under the age of 12 years. No upper age limit has been set as it is determined purely by the fitness of the individual. We have had many hikers in their 70"s who have come through with flying colours!


Although a First Aid kit is carried by the guides, please ensure that any special prescribed medication is carried on your person and that the guides are made aware of any pre-existing conditions prior to embarking on the hike.

Meals & Beverages

When making your booking, please advise reservations of any special dietary requirements. All meals are provided and a cash bar is available at all venues.

Checklist :

  • Hiking boots are recommended although a good pair of trainers is acceptable footwear.
  • Two pairs of socks per day (1 thin and 1 thick pair to wear with your boots).
  • Suitable hiking gear - the Tsitsikamma is known to have “four seasons in one day”. We recommend short pants for warmer weather and a comfortable pair of long pants and a warm jacket should the weather turn cold.
  • Light rain wear.
  • Swimming costume.
  • Rucksack / Day Pack.
  • Walking stick.
  • Binoculars for keen birders (a bird book will be carried by the guides).
  • Insect repellent and sun block.
  • Hat or cap.
  • Camera.
  • Warm, comfortable clothing and shoes for the evenings.


  • Cell phone reception (of varying strengths) can be found at the GRNP - Tsitsikamma Section, Misty Mountain Reserve and Forest Ferns. While on the trail itself there is often no reception but the guides do have radio contact with Management at all times.
  • There is a shop at the GRNP - Tsitsikamma Section which sells a large variety of goods including batteries, drinks, snacks, curios, insect repellent, a selection of clothing, rain ponchos, caps and hiking sticks.
  • Hikers wanting to spend extra time in the area either before or after the hike, are welcome to make reservations with any one of the three partners providing Dolphin Trail accommodation.

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Hikers pausing to admire the stunning view.

Magnificent vistas over the Indian Ocean.

Hiking along the rugged coastline through fynbos.

Tsitsikamma; ”place of many waters“.


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